Saturday, February 9, 2013

Home from the hospital

My new doctor seemed a little shocked to see what kind of shape my tendons and ligaments were in around my artificial knee.  With all my heart I tried to explain that my knee cap was sliding in all different directions and I felt that some major damage was being done but I guess he had to see it to believe it.
So here I am in the recovery stage of 7 weeks to do very little but breath.  Most patients are encouraged to get up right away and use that knee.......oh no not me.  I have crutches and a wheelchair to give me some kind of mobility.
Of course the weight issue comes right into mind but I will have to put that on  hold for now.
Perhaps it is time to let it go about my weight.  Here is an incentive my niece put on her facebook page.  It is certainly worth reading but actually changing the way I feel about myself may be too difficult.  I can dream.....
So you are feeling too fat to be photographed...

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