Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Only One Week Down....

Well for heaven sakes I have only one week down and six more to go for my knee recovery.  I am going out of my mind not being able to get out every day.  Even on my worst days I try to get out for at least an hour or so.  I love getting out and talking to people.  My sister says I never meet a stranger.  If someone even catches eye contact with me I am like "Want to talk?"
I find talking to strangers always puts life in perspective for me.  When you sit home it is easy to feel sorry for yourself but when you get out you realize everyone has problems and once in a while I find someone who has lupus.  It is like a want to high five the person and say I know what you are going through.
I am telling this story because about a month ago I went on the Lupus Foundation Message Board and posted
"Who is this woman looking at me in the mirror?
The two or three very first comments were people accusing me of feeling sorry for myself.  I was called a victim and of course life was going to be awful if all I did was stay at home and watch old shows.  I was not expecting this kind of response at all being I was in a group of people who had the very same disease.  No one knew me from atom and when I made that post I have to say I was at my lowest point.  I was crying uncontrollably and honestly if I had lived alone I don't know what I would have done.  It took hours for my husband to talk me back down off the ceiling.  For the first time I truly felt like I understood why these poor kids commit suicide from kids bullying them on Facebook.  My husband was so angry that I reached out and got pushed away.  It seems there is a group of people that have been on this board  for so long that they just don't have patience for newbies feeling sorry for themselves.  Although I have gone back just to read posts and those very same people have posted how sad they were on a given day and that was perfectly acceptable.
The thing is that reading my first paragraph will tell you how I am on a normal day and how I try to make the best of my situation but they just assumed things and made a judgement that I thought was very mean spirited.
That is why I am writing my own blog.  You can come here on a bad day and I will not judge you.  I will not think you are weak.  You will receive empathy and encouragement because we all know tomorrow or the next day will seem a little brighter.

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  1. Hi auntpearl!
    Six weeks is just human estimation. I believe the power to heal lies in God's hands. He can do wonders if he wants. Just trust his plans. Be positive dear. If he wants to prolong it, there's a reason too and we just have to believe He knows what He's doing. And you are so lucky to hv that husband of yours and family supporting you. They need you to be strong just as you need them to back you dear. You had overcome so many obstacles before. I believe you can go through this one too! Hugs..


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