Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My lupus seems to be taking it's toll on my joints, ligaments and tendons.  Today I find myself once again going to the hospital to have surgery on my left knee.  After my total knee replacement in July of 2012 I stood up at the doctor's office and tore my quad tendon.  Guess what?... surgery!!  I had surgery in August, 2012 to repair the tendon.  Ya think that would be enough right?   Ahhhh no.
In December, 2012 my knee cap started sliding to the left.  Yes most painful. So this brings me back to today getting ready to to go to the hospital for surgery.  I have a new doctor this time.  So I am trying my best to think positive.

This will be my eighth surgery on my knees since early 2009.  I must tell you I am getting a bit tired of spending time in the hospital, six weeks to heal and at least four weeks  of therapy.  Back to back to back leaves me with very little normal time in which I can burn one ounce of calories.  Now I have become to what my former doctor called "a big girl".  The anger and frustration I feel when I hear those words.  I certainly haven't been home eating bon bons every day.  What people don't realize is that I actually eat less than most of my family members and friends but with all this down time and medications I take for lupus my metabolism has been destroyed.  I want to help myself.  I want to be at an acceptable weight.

So I guess I am puting a lot of importance on this surgery today.  Please Mr. New Doctor do something so I can start walking normal again, lose weight and feel like I am part of society that blends in rather than sticks out like a sore thumb.

Fingers crossed for luck so I will have a successful surgery.

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